Work with Nancy

    Why Nancy?

    Since elementary school, Nancy has spoken and performed in front of audiences, ranging in size from 3 to 10,000+. In high school she won second place in a service organizations speech contest, using the lyrics to a Broadway song as the topic’s uplifting framework. She’s acted in plays and on-screen, performed in the circus ring including as ringmaster, been a TV news anchor, TV talk show host, voice-over artist, meeting facilitator, event speaker, company spokesperson, media trainer, publicist, project manager, researcher, writer, and, yes, even more.

    Nancy is available for work in any of the following areas, and, other projects complimentary to them.

    Public Relations (PR) and Media & Presentation Training

    An expert in media relations, Nancy has achieved publicity for clients in local and national outlets including The Today Show, CBS Morning News, Good Housekeeping, PopSugar, Buzzfeed,,, and popular social media sites.

    In addition, Nancy has media trained dozens of clients for media interactions via TV, radio, phone, and in-person. Her clients have appeared on CBS’s “60 Minutes,” “Ellen,” local TV morning news programs, in print in Chicago Tribune and USA Today, and the sole interview with dozens of stations around the country via Satellite Media Tours.

    Learn more about Nancy’s PR, media & presentation training  available for individuals or groups. Contact her at


    With a vast array of professional writing under her belt Nancy can likely write about it (unless it’s all about mathematical equations; that is her kryptonite):

    • Articles

    • Blog Posts

    • News Releases

    • Press Kits

    • Print Book & E-books

    • Website Copy

    • Catalogs

    • Magazine Copy

    • Newsletters

    • Brochures


    One of the things Nancy has found great fun in doing is research. With the world open online, she loves to dig deep to find information on whatever project she is working on. She impresses friends when she uncovers answers they are seeking, too.

    Have a topic that needs delving into? Why not hire Nancy to see what’s out there, and what’s not so easy to see on the first, second, or 15th pass!

    Company Spokesperson, Commercial & Corporate Voice-Overs, Acting on Stage & Camera

    Over the years, Nancy’s been on stage acting from Hawaii to Ohio, on TV and in print as a company spokesperson, and seen and heard in local commercials and corporate videos. Contact Nancy for information and rates at

    Speaking Engagements

    When Nancy’s in front of an audience, she has an audience laughing and thinking. Drawing upon her eclectic background of entertainment, decisive and bold personal choices, and work with companies from an array of industries (from product manufacturers and tourism to direct sales and beyond), her talks target a client’s specific industry/audience. Do you have a need for one of the following?

    • Event Host

    • Event Speaker

    • Meeting Facilitator

    • On-stage event interviewer

    Speaking Topics

    Have a talk tailored to your audience or choose from one of Nancy’s signature talks, based on her own – sometimes painful (ouch!) – experiences:

    • Never Feed An Elephant More than 6 Dozen Doughnuts, and other Life Lessons from the Circus

    • Act Well Your Part, or Someone Else Will Do It Instead

    • Be Thoughtful, Then Be Your BOLD Self!

    • Why Being Nice Isn’t For Suckers: Customer Service for Business and Life

    • As in Dating, Stop Chasing Those Who Say “No,” and Other Sales Advice

    Nancy is available for any occasion

    • Small to Large Audiences

    • Breakfast Meetings

    • Luncheons

    • Workshops
    • Conferences

    • Conventions

    To book Nancy or learn more of what she has to offer your company, organization, or event, contact her:

    Nancy Davies